Foto Sweet Bourbon blues op festivals festival

Sweet Bourbon & Bourbonnettes blues festival muziekschool live jam workshop coach gitaar basgitaar bas coachen festivals muziekcafe rock the club gitaar nijmegen nijmegen-oost berg en dal groesbeek gennep beek-ubbergen beek ubbergen nijmegen Muziek gitaarles eig schreeven lindenberg stockenhofChris Janssen
Guitar player. Played in Joint Venture and in the Bullfrog Blues Machine for 14 years. With the latter he released a number of CDs, and played as the support act of artists like John Mayall and Canned Heat. Organises the Blues & Rock Festival in Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen, the Netherlands). Founder of Sweet Bourbon, musician in heart and soul.
Roeland van Laer
Bass player. Love to rock! Played in the Powerrock group SideKicks and Metalband Highwire. Highwire’s demo was named demo of the month in the Aardschok Metal Hammer, sequelled by the CD “Metal in Rocks Vol. II’. Played in various bluesrock groups in the Dutch club circuit and has done studio work.
Martijn Cuypers
Drummer. Played with bands such as The Plausible Pleasures Ragtime Band, Moeder Delirium, 5 Knuckle Shuffle and many obscure percussion groups. He has a thing for whisky. Also plays with LQR, folkrock, with whom he recorded two CDs. Martijn has been the drummer of Sweet Bourbon from the start.